Girls Who Build : Inspiring Curiosity and Confidence to Make Anything Possible-9780762467204

Girls Who Build : Inspiring Curiosity and Confidence to Make Anything Possible

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Girls Who Build is the how-to book that celebrates the can-do attitude of dozens of fierce girls ages 8-16 who know how to wield a hammer, fire up a saw, and build everything from a bookshelf to a playhouse. Filled with photographs of the girls and their work, this guide will inspire others to pick up power tools and learn that they are capable of anything. Carpenter Katie Hughes frequently found that she was the only woman on construction worksites. To change that, she began teaching classes to girls ages 8-14, showing them how to drill, saw, and weld. Her classes quickly became sold out summer camps and she has now founded her own non-profit, Girls Build. Girls Who Build features candid and arresting photographs of 45 girls showing off their power tools and can-do attitudes. Accompanying each girl is a profile interview where she speaks to her inspirations and favorite builds, plus tips to others just starting out. Also included are building skills, techniques, and safety tips to teach girls -- and older beginners -- how to handle hammers, drills, and saws, plus 13 do-it-herself building projects (from the featured girls themselves) like picture frames, nightstands, playhouses, and more.

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