Mindful Mama : A New Age of Spiritual Pregnancy-9780738762463

Mindful Mama : A New Age of Spiritual Pregnancy

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Mindful Mama is a fun New Age guide to pregnancy one week at a time. Every week, this delightful book provides crystals, flowers, essential oils, exercises, meditations, and affirmations that support the changes both you and your baby are going through. These tools are tailored each week to your baby s stage of development, making it easy to choose the best options. Mindful Mama helps you overcome challenges, relieve stress, and support your little one s growth into a strong, positive person. You ll also find tips and techniques for women trying to become pregnant and for the first few weeks after birth. From raising your child s chakra energy and future resilience to removing spiritual toxins, this uplifting guide keeps you focused on everything that can go right during pregnancy.

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