The Society of Time : The Original Trilogy and Other Stories-9780712353823

The Society of Time : The Original Trilogy and Other Stories

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Don Miguel Navarro lives in Britain - a Britain which failed to repel the Spanish Armada invasion. He is part of the Society of Time, an organisation which polices the improper use of time travel, and which is galvanised into action when an ancient relic from a parallel time's South America is spotted on the black market. In three fascinating and ground-breaking novellas, John Brunner weaves an ingenious tale of a divergent and compelling timeline, and poses complex questions of how we perceive the fourth dimension and its relation to our own identity. When collected previously the three original Society of Time stories were abridged. Here, 'The Spoils of Yesterday', 'The Word Not Written' and 'The Fullness of Time' are reprinted in full, along with the two mesmerising Brunner novellas 'The Analysts' and 'Father of Lies'.

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