Bitten! (XBooks) : Mosquitoes Infect New York-9780531132982

Bitten! (XBooks) : Mosquitoes Infect New York

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Six New Yorkers are sick with a mysterious virus that attacks the brain.

Experts suspect a tiny culprit: mosquitoes! Then birds start dropping dead. Scientists think that the outbreaks are related. But how?High-interest topics, real stories, engaging design, and astonishing photos are the building blocks of the XBooks, a new series of books designed to engage and motivate reluctant and enthusiastic readers alike. How can a bite from a pet prairie dog cause a life-threatening illness? Where does the guinea worm, a parasite that lives under human skin, come from? How can a virus that attacks the brain be related to birds dropping dead at the zoo? With topics based in science, these action-packed books will help students unlock the power and pleasure of reading... and always ask for more!

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