Will the Wolf : Targeting the w Sound-9780367648787

Will the Wolf : Targeting the w Sound

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Will sits and watches the world go by, feeling all alone. Will he be alone forever?This picture book targets the /w/ sound and is part of Speech Bubbles 2, a series of picture books that target specific speech sounds within the story. The series can be used for children receiving speech therapy, for children who have a speech sound delay/disorder, or simply as an activity for children's speech sound development and/or phonological awareness. They are ideal for use by parents, teachers or caregivers. Bright pictures and a fun story create an engaging activity perfect for sound awareness. Picture books are sold individually, or in a pack. There are currently two packs available - Speech Bubbles 1 and Speech Bubbles 2. Please see further titles in the series for stories targeting other speech sounds.

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