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Education Law

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Education Law, Sixth Edition provides a comprehensive survey of the legal problems and issues confronting school leaders, teachers, and policymakers today. Court cases accompanied by explanation and analysis can help aspiring educators understand the subtlety and richness of the law. Accordingly, each of the 12 thematic chapters begins with an overview, concludes with a summary, and balances an explanation of the important principles of education law with actual court decisions to illuminate those issues most relevant for educational policy and practice. This updated and expanded Sixth Edition includes:Revision of case law, education policy, and citations to reflect the most recent decisions and developments in the field. Cases and commentary on key topics such as constitutional rights of students in public schools, school discipline, safety, and zero tolerance policies, school choice and parental rights claims, the regulation of charter schools and home-based education, cyberbullying and the regulation of online speech, racial and sexual harassment policies, and collective bargaining, unions, and working conditions. eResources accessible at include a Glossary for students, Chapter Outlines and Abstracts for instructors, as well as Tables of Cases.

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