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Call of the Osprey

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A stunning exploration of the mercury pollution in Montanathat causes harm to humans and ospreys alike. Engrossing narrative nonfiction with fun webcam photos makes for an engaging addition to the award-winning Scientists in the Field series.

This meticulously researched and photographed account follows three University of Montana scientists and their interdisciplinary work with ospreys: fish-catching birds with gigantic nests and a family that functions with teamwork and cooperation. In Missoula, Montana, the scientists have been following ospreys for six years, collecting data on the amount of contaminants, including mercury, found on their feathers and in their blood. The water in western Montana still suffers effects from mining activities performed more than a hundred years ago, and this pollution is still dangerous. Because the osprey hunts in a very small area, scientists can pinpoint where mercury is coming from and work to keep the ospreys, and the people, safer.

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