Is This It? : 'Incredibly relatable and horribly funny' Lucy Vine-9780349424712

Is This It? : 'Incredibly relatable and horribly funny' Lucy Vine

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'Is This It? is a future classic' DAISY BUCHANAN 'I wolfed it down in two days because I was totally hooked' HELLY ACTON 'The thirty-something heroine we all need' FREYA SAMPSON________________________-Employed (you have frequent nightmares about your job)-Single and fabulous (swiping Tinder in your pyjamas while your best friend shops for engagement rings)-Thriving (surviving)Ivy and Mia have been best friends since the fun, messy, hungover years of their twenties. Ten years later, Mia has it all - the man, the house, the career. Ivy is skint, single, and scared that she isn't a 'hot mess' any more - she's a walking disaster. But one night, Ivy switches her phone off, peels last night's drunken pizza off the sofa, and makes a list. A list that changes everything . . . The new Ivy has a proper job. She goes on fancy dates in wine bars. She's starting to think: maybe 'faking it till you make it' is easy?But then she meets Scott. Curly-haired, sarcastic Scott. Sh*t. ________________________Find out why everyone is falling in love with Ivy . . . 'I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVED IS THIS IT? Hannah crafts characters with such life that at times I forgot I was reading at all' ABIGAIL MANN, author of The Lonely Fajita'Fabulously funny with well-drawn characters and a protagonist who has you rooting for her throughout' GILLIAN HARVEY, author of Perfect On Paper'Funny, flawed and achingly relatable . . . Tovey's writing is exquisite and I laughed till I cried' FREYA SAMPSON, author of The Last Library'A true breath of fresh air: uplifting, relatable, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny' JACK JORDAN, author of Anything For Her'I absolutely devoured this book! Ivy is such a relatable character. It's funny, it's sharp, and it's an absolute must read for this summer!' HOLLY MCCULLOCH, author of The Mix-Up'Honest, gritty, surprising and confronting . . . there's an Ivy in all of us!' LAURA JANE WILLIAMS, author of Our Stop'Raw, unapologetic and pretty damn relatable' HEAT'Tovey hits that sweet spot of sharp dialogue and authentic characters that are well-rounded, real, and messy' ABIGAIL MANN, author of The Lonely Fajita'Warm, witty, occasionally filthy, and full of heart' NICOLA MOSTYN, author of The Gods of Love'Reminiscent of Laura and Tyler's escapades in Emma Jane Unsworth's Animals . . . gets into the nitty gritty of heartbreak' Netgalley reviewer'Feel good and hilarious' Netgalley reviewer'I could really empathise with . . . the struggles of not belonging and trying to survive London when life has not gone to plan' Netgalley reviewer'A whirlwind of a read . . . Ivy's mum might be my favourite character, she's bonkers and I loved her!' Eleanor Reads Books'Rich in dialogue . . . it's a novel about realising that sometimes your greatest enemy is yourself' Netgalley reviewer

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