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This Will Make It Taste Good : A New Path to Simple Cooking

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Vivian Howard is the decorated author of Deep Run Roots, a new classic of American cooking--as much a portrait of the South and its people as it is a collection of recipes. In her second book, Vivian's eye for storytelling and ingenuity in the kitchen turns homewards--into her home kitchen, and yours. This is a book for anyone who likes to cook--but doesn't have all night to do it. Vivian's solution to cooking well when you need a shortcut is to rely on a handful of simple, powerful pantry staples that help even the simplest of dishes take on immense flavor. The MVPs give you the building blocks of excellent weeknight cooking at home--making healthy, everyday meals taste as rich and flavorful as a night out. This Will Make It Taste Good is an essential work of culinary genius, solving everyday cooking challenges by upgrading your toolkit--not settling for less. And along with these 125 game-changing recipes, this book delivers the powerful stories that are the hallmark of cooking at Vivian's elbow: tales about the challenges, triumphs, and lessons that stock the pantry of who Vivian is. A modern classic from a masterful author, this is a can't-miss follow up to the book that took the cooking world by storm.

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