God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse : What Hawking said and why it matters-9780281081912

God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse : What Hawking said and why it matters

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Stephen Hawking kept breaking rules. Given two years to live, he managed another 54. He wrote about quantum cosmology - and sold 20 million books. He could not speak, yet the world recognized his voice. Hutchings and Wilkinson shine light on his extraordinary ideas. The result is a thought-provoking theological commentary and critique of black holes, origins, many universes, and Big Questions. In 'God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse', Hutchings and Wilkinson explain the key elements of Stephen Hawking's physical and mathematical theories, consider their philosophical and religious implications, and relate his ideas to traditional Judaeo-Christian concepts of God. This book about Stephen Hawking and God and the relationship between God and science gives a brief but engaging overview of the history of physics and cosmology. Perfect for beginners, 'God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse' offers a concise and accessible introduction to Hawking's work and how his contributions to modern physics and cosmology can complement religion. Exploring topics such as gravity, quantum mechanics and general relativity, the authors offer a fresh perspective on the relationship between God and science, providing a balanced and informed commentary on Hawking's work both scientifically and theologically.

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