Just John : The Authorized Biography of John Habgood, Archbishop of York, 1983-1995-9780281058280

Just John : The Authorized Biography of John Habgood, Archbishop of York, 1983-1995

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John Habgood (1927-2019) was Archbishop of York from 1983-1995, and prior to that had served ten years as Bishop of Durham. 'Just John', the biography written at Lord Habgood's request and with his full cooperation while alive, is warm, witty and affectionate. Nonetheless, as its title implies, it is a truthful portrayal of the man that John Habgood was - guileless, flawed, just. 'Just John' is the authorised biography of the former Archbishop of York, John Habgood, by one of the people who knew him best, author and Bishop, David Wilbourne. Published on the first anniversary of John Habgood's death on 6 March 2019, this Christian biography by David Wilbourne offers an honest and insightful look into Lord Habgood's life as an Anglican theologian and former Archbishop of York. John Habdood's ability to mediate and solve what seemed impossible problems, both in the Church and modern society, is legendary. However, his formidable intellect and shy manner could make him seem a distant, enigmatic figure. 'Just John' is a biography written with meticulous detail and full of interesting personal history and anecdotes. This biography by David Wilbourne also features extracts from John Habgood's personal diary that he kept, reveals the story behind the issue of the fateful Crockford Preface and analyses Habgood's friendships with Bishops Peter and Michael Ball. Through reading this book about John Habgood, the reader will feel as if they know Habgood and have a greater understanding of the interesting yet guarded life he lived.

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