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Her Turn : A Novel

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A delightful novel in the vein of Younger and The Unbreakables, with a hint of Nora Ephron, about a journalist who stumbles into an unusual relationship with the woman married to her former husband.

A journalist in Washington, DC, Liz has turned lemons into lemonade after her husband walked out on her a decade ago. She likes her lifeshes the editor of My Turn, a weekly column in which readers write about their lives, has a few romantic nibblessome better than othersa good relationship with her teen-aged son, and has come to terms with the shock and heartbreak of her divorce.

Or so she thinks.

One day at work, she receives a letter for the column she cant ignore, because its written by her ex-husbands current wifeAKA the other woman. It is the beginning of an unexpected correspondence between the two womenbut only Liz knows the truth about their connection. Could it be she still cares? How far will she take this unusual relationship? And what happens if the truth comes out?

Her Turn is an immensely readable, joyful novel about fidelity and forgiveness that explores one womans second act in life, and the ties that still bind her to the first.

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