Missing and Endangered : A Brady Novel of Suspense-9780063043626

Missing and Endangered : A Brady Novel of Suspense

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Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Bradys professional and personal lives collide when her college-age daughter is involved in a missing persons case in this evocative and atmospheric mystery in J. A. Jances New York Times bestselling suspense series, set in the beautiful desert country of the American Southwest.

When Jennifer Brady returns to Northern Arizona University for her sophomore year, she quickly becomes a big sister to her new roommate, Beth Rankin, a brilliant yet sheltered sixteen-year-old freshman. For a homeschooled Beth, college is her first taste of both freedom and unfettered access to the internet, and Jenny is concerned that shes too nave and rebellious for her own good.

Her worries are well-founded because one day Beth vanishes, prompting Jenny to alert campus authorities, local police, and her mom, Sheriff Joanna Bradywho calls in a favor. Beth is found, but Jennys concern has unwittingly put her in the crosshairs of a criminal bent on revenge.

With Christmas vacation approaching, and Beth at war with her parents, Jenny invites Beth to the shelter of the Brady home. While Joanna is sympathetic, shes caught up in a sensitive casean officer-involved shooting that has placed the lives of two young children in jeopardyleaving her stretched thin to help a fragile young woman recently gone missing and endangered.

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