Trouble at Table 5 #6: Countdown to Disaster-9780063004535

Trouble at Table 5 #6: Countdown to Disaster

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From the author ofStick Dogcomes the sixth book in a highly illustrated early chapter book series about three best friends whose plans, missions, and schemes are sure to shake up their school.

Uh-oh! Mollys parents have a secret. They want to move to a new housemaybe even a new town. But Molly cant leave her best friends Rosie and Simon behind!

Now the trio from Table 5 only have three days to come up with a scavenger hunt that will remind Mollys parents of all the things they love about their house and neighborhoodbefore the moving vans come and Molly has to go.

HarperChapters build confident readers one chapter at a time! With short, fast-paced books, art on every page, and milestone markers at the end of every chapter, they're the perfect next step for fans of I Can Read!

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