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Anyone : A Novel

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Soon to be adapted for television by Carnival, creators of Downton Abbey

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Bestselling author of The Oracle Year, Charles Soule brings his signature knowledgeand warinessof technology to his new novel set in a realistic future about a brilliant female scientist who creates a technology that allows for the transfer of human consciousness between bodies, and the transformations this process wreaks upon the world.

Inside a barn in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a scientist searching for an Alzheimers cure throws a switchand finds herself mysteriously transported into her husbands body. What begins as a botched experiment will change her lifeand the worldforever

Over two decades later, all across the planet, flash technology allows individuals the ability to transfer their consciousness into other bodies for specified periods, paid, registered and legal. Society has been utterly transformed by the process, from travel to warfare to entertainment; Be anyone with Anyone the tagline of the company offering this ultimate out-of-body experience. But beyond the reach of the law and government regulators is a sordid black market called the darkshare, where desperate vessels anonymously rent out their bodies, no questions asked for any purpose - sex, drugs, crime... or worse.

Anyone masterfully interweaves the present-day story of the discovery and development of the flash with the gritty tale of one womans crusade to put an end to the darkness it has brought to the world twenty-five years after its creation. Like Blade Runner crossed with Get Out, Charles Soules thought-provoking work of speculative fiction takes us to a world where identity, morality, and technology collide.

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