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Easy Learning Italian Dictionary : Trusted Support for Learning

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The home of trusted Italian dictionaries for everyday language learning. An up-to-date, easy-reference Italian to English and English to Italian Collins dictionary with practical, fun supplements, ideal for learners of Italian, and especially those looking for exam success. . Fully endorsed by the exam board Pearson Edexcel. Designed for learners of Italian, whether you are studying for exams at school, in an evening class, for business or a holiday to Italy. Covering everyday Italian and English with key curriculum words highlighted to help with exam preparation. Clear and concise language notes provide information on common errors and confusable words, while handy notes explain cultural differences. Italian verbs are cross-referred to comprehensive tables, helping you find all the Italian verb forms you need. Combined with a text which is colour-coded and very easy to navigate. Visit collins.co.uk/languagesupport to access downloadable resources to help you practise and consolidate your language skills.

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