Trigger Warning : Short Fictions and Disturbances-9780063075764

Trigger Warning : Short Fictions and Disturbances

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman, a wide-ranging assortment of short fiction that pierces the veil of reality to expose the enigmatic, shadowy world that lies beneathone of ten classic Gaiman works repackaged with elegant original watercolor art by acclaimed artist Henry Sene Yee

Beautiful, haunting . . . Evokes our wonder at the myths and imaginations of our childhoods.Washington Post

A brilliant writer and accomplished stylist whose creative genius is unparalleled, Neil Gaiman entrances with his literary alchemy, transporting us deep into the realm of imagination, where the fantastical becomes real and the mundane incandescent.

Abounding in miracles and terror, surprises and amusements, Trigger Warning is a rich compendium that illustrates the strength, breadth, and sheer genius of Gaimans storytelling mastery and demonstrates the breathtaking range and power of this artistic powerhouse who dreams up stories as naturally as he breathes (Slate).

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