I Am Sovereign

I Am Sovereign

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'One of the funniest, most finely achieved comic novels, even by her own standard ... I think it's a masterpiece' - ALI SMITH * 'I think Nicola Barker is incapable of a dull page. [Her work] is unified by its spirit of adventure' - KEVIN BARRY

How long does it take to change the world? Could it happen in approximately twenty minutes?

Charles, a forty-year-old teddy bear maker, is trying to sell his late mother's house, helped by his estate agent Avigail (who thinks Charles is an imbecile). The prospective buyers: the fearsome Wang Shu - who has no desire to make idle chit-chat - and her downtrodden daughter, Ying Yue. During the twenty-minute viewing a huge number of things happen, although it is also entirely possible that nothing happens at all. Which is it? Can the world really turn on its axis during a mundane discussion about cheese preservation? Has fiction the power to do that? Should it even want to?

'She really is a genius' - GUARDIAN * 'Life-affirming hilarity - Evelyn Waugh on ecstasy' - NELL ZINK * 'A madly brilliant little book that asks who at any point is in control of what. I loved it' - DAILY MAIL * 'Nicola Barker's wildness and capacity for the absurd often delight me' - SARAH MOSS * 'What an audacious writer Nicola Barker is ... In an era when plot is king, Barker has typically, joyously, dispensed with one ... Barker's pleasure in the novella feels defiant' - EVENING STANDARD * 'I Am Sovereign is bursting with energy, compassion and humour' - LITERARY REVIEW

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