Principles of Industrial Safety Management : Understanding the Ws of Safety at Work-9789389347449

Principles of Industrial Safety Management : Understanding the Ws of Safety at Work

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Safety or the effects of its absence are often attributed to fate and loosely termed as "acts of God". In reality, incidents occur when one or more components of a system or their mutual linkages fail to perform satisfactorily. It is not a simple task to analyse a system failure scenario wherein multiple components interact and it certainly is not a layman's job. Therefore, it is imperative to give top-most priority to the safety management in industries. Industrial safety management calls for good understanding of all components, including people, equipment, materials, processes and practices and applicable statutes and standards so that the hazards, risks and accidents can be avoided. The book, systematically organised in fifteen chapters, addresses all these components and explain their principles with the aim to help readers develop good understanding of each component. It enables them to identify hazards, assess risks, develop safe work procedures and practices, and adopt appropriate risk control measures to control likelihood as well as severity of an inadvertent failure event. With a special focus on Indian scenario and spoken-style approach, the book comprises ample illustrations-figures and tables-to enrich fruitful learning, chapter-end summary for quick recap of the concepts as well as chapter-end questions to assess students' understanding of the concepts. Primarily intended for the undergraduate students of fire and industrial safety and the postgraduate students of industrial safety engineering and management, the book will also be of immense use to the students opting diploma or certificate course in fire technology and industrial safety management. Overall, the book aims to meet the curriculum needs and enhance analytical skills of the students.

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