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Engineering Physics

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Engineering Physics is a complete textbook written for the engineering students. The book aims to provide a thorough understanding of the basic concepts, theories and principles of Engineering Physics in as easy and straight forward manner as possible, to enable the average students grasp the intricacies of the subject. Special attempts have been made to design this book, through clear concepts, proper explanations with necessary diagrams and mathematical derivations to make the book student friendly. Besides, the book covers some advanced topics such as communication systems, ultrasonic and laser technology with their wide range of applications in several fields of science, technology, industry and medicine, etc. The book not only provides a clear theoretical concept of the subject but also includes a large number of solved problems followed by unsolved problems to reinforce theoretical understanding of the concepts. Moreover, the book contains sixteen chapters and each chapter contains glossary terms, short questions, and long questions for practice. Key Features Logically organised content for sequential learningLearning outcomes at the beginning of each chapterImportant concepts and generalisations highlighted in the textChapter-end quick review

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