Pollutants and Protectants : Evaluation and Assessment Techniques-9789386768766

Pollutants and Protectants : Evaluation and Assessment Techniques

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Advances in technological developments have led to increase in buildup of pollutants in the environment. Increase in concentration of pollutants due to ill planned anthropogenic activities has created a situation of a serious concern for human race. The present book addresses the issues related to increase in concentration of pollutants in the biosphere, protocols to assess the toxicity of pollutants and how it can affect human race. It also summarizes some protective agents present in the form of natural products which can protect us from the harmful effects of these pollutants. The first chapter of the book focuses on carcinogenicity of environmental pollutants. Next four chapters focus on specific emerging pollutants which have increased in concentration due to anthropogenic activities. These are followed by a couple of chapters on the analytical aspects and various techniques and bioassays that can be used to estimate the toxic effects of these pollutants. In the last three chapters of book authors have tried to compile information available regarding the phytochemicals which can have protective effects against the carcinogenic nature of pollutants.

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