Scale Plan 65: MiG-21MF-9788366549074

Scale Plan 65: MiG-21MF

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The MiG 21 jet aircraft began life as an official request from the Soviet authorities in 1954 for a light, high-performance (Mach 2 at 20,000 metres) frontline fighter to protect military and production installations from potential raids by American bombers. The MF variant (M = Modernizirovannyy ('Modernised'), F = Forsirovannyy ('Uprated engine')) was an export version of the aircraft used by air forces in conflicts around the world in the 1970s and later. This latest addition to Mushroom Models' Scale Plans series offers plans in 1/48 and 1/72 scale of the MIG-21 MF fighter, featuring eight A3 size scale plans of the different versions.

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