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Yoga with Cats

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There are days when we wish we had a very special book. One which will not only let us know the direction we should take, but will also make us feel better about our physical appearance, the same time, bring a smile to our face. Yoga with Cats is definitely this type of book. It helps you get an inspiration for daily exercises, to receive an intuitive message, AND, if necessary, to involve your cats in all the fun. Yoga with Cats has 33 exercises - each of them showing a yoga pose and usual help from your cats, while you are trying to accomplish it. Would you like to pick up your daily yoga routine? Shuffle the deck and choose your poses! Don't forget - your cats will try to be very helpful as well! And who knows, maybe you will be able to add your own variations for each pose later. Or pick up a pose for a daily Intuitive message or quick energizing yoga pose. But the most important thing is that you enjoy it! Laugh and have as much fun as possible with your cats on this daily yoga journey.

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