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Girls, Girls, Girls

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A fascinating and fresh contemporary photography collection celebrating the female formThis new photo collection captures the female body and gaze with as much realism, rather than projection, as possible. The portfolio delights in diversity, from provocative shots to more tender images, united by an artistic quality and flair. Whether refined or candid, posed or unedited, modern or retro, this is a unique celebration of female sexuality and form in the 21st century. Ghislain Pascal, one of the co-founders of London's well-known The Little Black Gallery, has already curated numerous photography collections and successful auction sales with the Girls! Girls! Girls! and Boys! Boys! Boys! projects. A unique collection of photography celebrating the female form from photographic legends, contemporary names and rising female photographersA new book from the teNeues/MENDO partnershipAll royalties will go to the Lady Garden Foundation

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