Flying Panels : How Concrete Panels Changed the World-9783869225630

Flying Panels : How Concrete Panels Changed the World

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With essays by Erik Stenberg, Christine Varga-Harris, and more, the book tells the story of concrete panels at the centre of debates in the modernising and industrialising processes of architecture. Can concrete panels fly? Though at first it sounds improbable, the answer to this question is yes, they did fly through the world, supported by other structures, both physical and mental. They flew from the factory floor to the building site, from one country to another, and through the most diverse array of media: from paintings to posters, cartoons, photography, film, toys, and even in the design of opera stages. During the second half of the twentieth century, concrete panels were seen soaring across the skies. When manual labor moved to automated mass-production, and new concrete element techniques rapidly spread producing billions of square meters of housing across the globe, the flying panel became the ultimate icon. This publication accompanies the exhibition Flying Panels curated by Pedro Ignacio Alonso and Hugo Palmarola, presented at ArkDes in Stockholm in October 2019.

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