Jenny Brockmann (Bilingual edition) : Informed Desire-9783775748162

Jenny Brockmann (Bilingual edition) : Informed Desire

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Jenny Brockmann, winner of the 2020 Willms Neuhaus Prize, divides her time between Berlin and New York. Her work is characterized by a far-reaching, interdisciplinary discourse with participatory interaction and extensive artistic freedom of design. Although her artistic questions are focused on spatio-temporal and current social experiences, her works always provide room for coincidence. Since its establishment in 2013, the Willms Neuhaus Foundation - Coincidence and Design has been dedicated to the research of coincidence and differentiated considerations of it. The foundation is dedicated to the promotion of art and science; it initiates and organizes interdisciplinary discourses, in particular to gain the interest of the arts, natural sciences, and humanities in this topic and to promote further projects and colloquia in an environment devoted to this theme.

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