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Textiles Guide (new edition)

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Textiles are a part of our life but we don't always know them well. Yet, knowing how to choose and use them is essential to respect and maximize our resources. Made from the point of view of the user, this book clearly shows all the technical textiles data, keeping in mind how difficult the choices can be to a user facing their own creation. The first part focuses on the textile industry: raw material, spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing, not forgetting the touching education (the fabric's hand) leading any choice. The second part teaches the user vocabulary, properties, qualities and flaws to every textile's family: woollens, cottonades, silks, and stitches, technical and innovative fabrics. It also has data about their environmental impact, including a summary of good respect for the environment practice. Tips, comparative test and technical precision guide the reader through the experience.

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