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Outsmart Endometriosis : Relieve Your Symptoms and Get Your Career Back on Track

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Endometriosis does not have to ruin your career. Wouldn't it be nice to stop worrying about how your endometriosis symptoms are going to hold you back from hitting your career goals? Or to have tools that you can use to reduce your pain and manage your energy so you don't have to miss out on important opportunities? Sometimes, it can feel like endometriosis is controlling your life. Sought-after endometriosis, pelvic pain, and nutrition expert Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, has helped thousands of women relieve their pelvic pain in over twenty years of practice. In Outsmart Endometriosis, she offers not another "one-size-fits-none endo diet," but a comprehensive approach to managing your symptoms using simple, repeatable strategies, and without having to wait for an appointment with your doctor. In Outsmart Endometriosis, Dr. Drummond can help you to: * Stop missing important work meetings or deadlines because of your endometriosis pain, fatigue, anxiety, and/or digestive symptoms* Let go of your worries about your fertility* Clear your brain fog so you can do your best work* Get control over your symptoms so you can feel more comfortable, and no longer just power through or be forced to quit* Build a team of the right professionals to support you along the wayRead Outsmart Endometriosis and become the boss of your symptoms and your career.

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