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The Portal : How Meditation Can Save the World

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A tidal wave of cataclysmic change is sweeping the planet that could leave a trail of wreckage unlike anything we have seen before. No, this is not sci-fi - this is real life. Humankind is staring into an abyss, yet it's hard to focus on the pain of the world when we're still having trouble managing our own. Enter The Portal, a heart-opening experience of transformation on a personal and global scale. To be published in conjunction with the global release of the film, The Portal is an exploration of how humans transform in times of crisis, and takes us on a global journey with six people who each experience their own painful, cataclysmic event, before finding stillness through meditation; showing us our unique capacity to bring ourselves (and our species) back from the brink. Supported by global insights from three futurists and philosophers - Daniel Schmachtenberger, Dr Julia Mossbridge and Mikey Siegel - The Portal will take you on an intimate journey to explore how to find focus through the noise of modern life, and the shifts that meditation can bring to the lives of those it touches. The Portal is a captivating and vibrant tapestry of technology, love, the future, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking and inner peace, 'The Portal: How meditation can save the world' will rekindle your excitement for yourself, humanity and the future. Is an enlightened planet possible? Enter The Portal to find out.

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