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Trick or Treat

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With counterfeit drugs flooding the market, you could be in danger if you take the wrong one... Raymond McNally is enjoying his new promotion at a major pharmaceutical company. He's been enlisted to oversee the company's newest product Erexat - a competitor of viagra - the world's first and most successful treatment for male impotence. Raymond's hopes are high for a successful and profitable future both professionally and personally. However, when reports of unexplained deaths and other serious side effects start to trickle into the firm's medical department, alarm bells sound and Raymond quickly realises that the new drug's future may be in doubt. Initially, the adverse effects are few and scattered globally, so the press and the national regulatory authorities haven't been alerted... yet. As Raymond mounts an investigation, he teams up with a twenty-something computer nerd called Harry who hacks into retail sites as a hobby. As the tension rises, so do the stakes. Can they separate the tricks from the treats before it's too late?

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