Secret Lands, Petrol Clams and a Bagful of Bolivar-9781912964710

Secret Lands, Petrol Clams and a Bagful of Bolivar

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Imagine Sharon's horror as her backpack, filled to the brim with illegal banknotes, enters the x-ray machine at a Venezuelan airport! What should she do?And that's not the only bizarre dilemma she faces. Where to hide hundreds of banknotes during a hair-raising bicycle ride in Caracas? How should she conform to dictatorship laws in North Korea when continuously bowing to dead leaders housed in glass boxes? Or while watching a live synchronised gymnastic show with Kim Jong Un barely metres from her seat? Not to mention choking on toxic fumes in one of the most hostile places on Earth!Join Sharon as she reflects on the quirky aspects of travelling, whether it's finding herself on a volcano edge in the Danakil Depression, dodging unexpected flatulence hiking up Mount Toubkal or confusing Cubans with her Spanglish. Funny yet informative, this book will grab anyone with a wanderlust spirit (or those not quite brave enough to venture far and wide!). Prepare to be transported into a world of secret destinations and humorous tales.

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