Climate Change, A Very Peculiar History-9781912904952

Climate Change, A Very Peculiar History

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Climate Change: A Very Peculiar History arms you with an introduction to the scientific concepts behind climate change, then hits you hard with the bizarre and at times disputed facts that go along with the theory. Climate Change: A Very Peculiar History includes information on the potentially disastrous effects of climate change and what we can do to stop them. It features easy-to-understand diagrams and fascinating fact sheets which will boggle the mind. Discover where the theory came from and what we were (or weren't) doing to help protect the Earth in past times. This book covers the scientific and historical background of our troubled relationship with the planet on which we live. Very Peculiar History is a hugely-successful, award-winning information book series with more than 50 titles on diverse historical and cultural subjects. Each volume features black and white illustrations, witty anecdotes, incredible trivia, a timeline, and glossary, providing hours of entertainment to readers of all ages.

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