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Saints & Martyrs

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Newcomer to the Police Force, PC Allison Cousins is struggling to adjust to life patrolling the streets. When her role in a criminal reconstruction brings her to the attention of a depraved serial killer obsessed with saints, she's forced to track him down - if she can survive long enough. With the help of the ruthlessly efficient Jordan Lassiter, she follows his macabre trail of clues. Can the girls find the killer before it's too late? And who actually is Jordan Lassiter, anyway? Why is she so reticent about her past? Penny's debut novel is a dark look at the twisted acts of retribution of which we are capable, as his killer obsessively follows the patterns dictated by the martyrdom of medieval saints. Amusing, shocking and horrific, this is a real page-turner for any crime reader. * A gripping crime novel with psychological elements, featuring a serial killer and religious motifs* Complex exploration of the relationship between two engaging female protagonists* A great summer holiday read, comparable to Dan Brown, Kate Moss or Martina Cole

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