Transformative Innovation : A Guide to Practice and Policy for System Transition-9781911193807

Transformative Innovation : A Guide to Practice and Policy for System Transition

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Innovation is a necessity in a changing world. But what kind of innovation?'Sustaining innovation' props up and temporarily fixes structures and processes that are failing - making them cheaper, faster, safer, more efficient. 'Disruptive innovation' shakes things up. Typically however disruptive initiatives offer only short-term impact or are eventually adapted and 'mainstreamed' to help sustain existing systems. That is particularly true in the public, social, cultural and civic sectors where the natural patterns of renewal that have been developed in market settings (creative destruction, sophisticated financial support etc.) are generally absent. Only 'transformative innovation' can deliver a fundamental shift towards new patterns of viability in tune with our aspirations for the future. This book offers a first stand-alone practical guide to how to realise transformative potential at scale. It offers six elements for policymakers, funders and innovators:Knowing: how to expand our sense of what constitutes valid knowledge to become more comfortable with complexityImagining: how to conceive, develop and design transformative initiatives to carry a group's longer term aspirationsBeing: how to organise for action, manage the process, and sustain the people involved over timeDoing: how to introduce the new in the presence of the old, enrol others and figure out what to do when you don't know what to doEnabling: how to construct a policy framework for long term transition and provide smart financing to matchSupporting: how to develop systems and structures to support a culture of renewal in our public, social and civic systems. It concludes with an invitation to join a growing community of transformative innovators around the world - a network of hope in powerful times.

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