Call Me Auntie : My Childhood in Care and My Search for My Mother-9781909976801

Call Me Auntie : My Childhood in Care and My Search for My Mother

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The author's account of being abandoned by her mother as a young child and her life in homes and institutions will captivate any reader. The mystery of her search for her mother and constant rejections will leave the reader wondering what demons drove her to be so elusive. "Call Me Auntie" was the best her mother could offer but this was just the start of a bizarre sequence of events. After discovering she had a brother and looking for her long lost family in Barbados the author finally came to understand she "may be a princess after all". Call Me Auntie is a story of survival, resilience and changing attitudes to racism and ethnicity as the author forged a successful career beginning as a Woolworth's shop girl before joining the police, then moving into social work. Extract: 'Our new house-parents were Harold and Dora ... He was a big guy who always looked angry. She was a little mousy figure but with a steel will underneath ... Overnight, the household regime changed. As controlled as our lives might have been in the [previous houseparents'] time, the changes were shocking. Chores had to be performed to much higher standards, and there were new ones ... There were new rules, routines, and responsibilities. But this was not all. With the new chores and new rules, our fear set in.'

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