At Sea Without Tea : The Great Cutty Sark Adventure-9781906367657

At Sea Without Tea : The Great Cutty Sark Adventure

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Young James Robson, Cutty Sark's cook, takes great pride in cooking a hearty breakfast for the ship's captain every morning. But one day, just when they're getting ready to leave London, James discovers that the ship has run out of tea, a CRUCIAL element of the captain's breakfast! Join James as he sets off on an adventure around the world, from London to South Africa, Australia and Shanghai, in search of the nation's favourite drink. Cutty Sark is the world's sole surviving tea clipper and is now an award-winning visitor attraction in Greenwich, London. The ship was built with one purpose - to bring tea from China back to London. It would become the fastest of its time, travelling from Australia to London in just 73 days.

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