The Legend of Morvidus Continues : The Bears' Family-9781858587158

The Legend of Morvidus Continues : The Bears' Family

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When Alex can't play cricket with his friends because of lockdown, he finds comfort in cricket stories. He asks Dad to tell him the story of how the symbol of the Bear came to be on the Warwickshire badge. Dad doesn't disappoint, with a tale involving bears, shield warriors and the game of turnip ball (which is remarkably similar to cricket!). This story contains important topical messages about looking after each other and being part of a 'family'. All royalties from this book will be given to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity and NSPCC Childline, via the Edgbaston Foundation. Covid-19 lockdown meant that hugging Grandma and Grandad could not happen for many weeks, but the mutual love never waned. We have been strengthened by support given and received from those with a shared love for our wider interests, including cricket. Rachael and Jim have, in their words and illustrations, captured fantastically why being part of the 'Bears' Family always makes us feel so proud, never more than in 2020. This story contains something for all ages to appreciate and treasure. Norman Gascoigne, former Chairman Warwickshire CCC

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