Cullinan Studio in the 21st Century-9781848223622

Cullinan Studio in the 21st Century

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Cullinan Studio is a highly distinctive architectural practice and a force for good. This book places the work of Cullinan Studio in the context of the early 21st century. Being a progressive co-operative practice that continues to innovate, Cullinan Studio has a considerable catalogue of buildings and places achieved since the Millennium, including cultural centres, industrial, academic and research buildings, housing and regeneration, health and well-being buildings. In a world where there is constant pressure to specialise, how do they manage it - and how will they continue to do so?The author has worked with the practice directors and practice members, visiting the key buildings and places with them and discussing them in detail to build up a picture of how this idealistic and inventive practice negotiates the architectural challenges of today, finding new ways to serve society and maintain and strongly ethical focus while continuing to be commercially effective.

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