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Lion Quest

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Only she can decide between what is right and what is easy... In a different world, in a different universe, there stands an ancient prophecy which - if fulfilled - could change life as the Ribeons know it. Far from wanting to thwart it, the Ribeon leader forces Loretta, a light speck, out into the human world to fulfil the ancient prophecy. Although the vengeful Evil Eye warns her not to go, Loretta takes charge of her destiny. Hiding inside the head of an eagle named Robert, she flies to Scotland where the witch Granny McMartin converts her into a twelve-year-old girl with magical powers. Where to next?In Paris she befriends the circus runaway, Tom. Together they release the lioness, Martha, then escape in a hot air balloon. After adventures and deathly encounters with the Evil Eye, Martha is delivered safely home to the Lion People. But although all seems safe, they all know the Evil Eye must be destroyed. Aided by her new friends, Loretta pursues him into the underworld for one final encounter.

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