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The Weaver of Dreams

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Joanne Averath, a young foreign correspondent, is no "Average Jo". She is realistic and pragmatic. Certainly not someone who believes in fairy tales. But one day, she meets an elderly woman she's never seen before, someone who tells her an unbelievable story. Not only can she enter people's dreams, she comes from another world, a world that can be reached through a portal. In fact, there are lots of other worlds and portals, each more fantastical than the last. Worlds that have inspired many of the fairy tales we know in our world. However, a group called the Watchmen don't want people travelling through the portals - and now Joanne knows, that makes her a target. Thrust into a world she has no idea how to navigate, Joanne is plunged into a maelstrom of experiences that starts in the jungle of Peru and ends somewhere she'd never imagined existed. Along the way, she makes new friends, like the charming Pablo Ferres who knows about the portals from having travelled through one as a child, and discovers new worlds that both scare and thrill her in equal measure. But when Joanne finds herself on a quest to save the mysterious General, who is being held captive by the Watchmen, she places herself in the middle of a battle for her life - and all of the worlds along with it.

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