Secrets on the Italian Island-9781800322950

Secrets on the Italian Island

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Her work has got in the way of relationships before - but never like thisAnna's job as a geologist takes her all over the world, including to the beautiful island of Elba, where she's sent to look for precious metals. And the island isn't the only thing that's gorgeous - she can't believe her luck when she meets windsurfer Marco and sparks fly. But Anna must keep her role on Elba a secret to avoid upsetting the locals, which means lying to Marco even as they grow closer. When her old friend Toby visits, Anna suddenly finds herself torn between the attentions of the two men. However, Anna's not the only one keeping secrets. Is Marco being entirely honest with her? And why did Toby really come to visit?A fun and escapist romance, perfect for fans of Lucy Coleman and Alex Brown.

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