Future Shaper : How Leaders Can Take Charge in an Uncertain World-9781789662184

Future Shaper : How Leaders Can Take Charge in an Uncertain World

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We live in a world of continuous uncertainty and on the brink of a massive digital and AI-powered shift. What should leaders do? The answer is not to shy away from inevitable changes and more uncertainty, but to have the courage to face it. Leaders need to take charge by embracing new technologies and ideas and converting these into opportunities for leadership innovation. The best ways for leaders to predict the future is to help create the future. Future Shaper is about giving back a sense of control. It's about empowering leaders to take charge and shape the future. Niamh O'Keeffe asks leaders to re-calibrate their leadership skills to include imagination and courage, to embrace innovation and drive growth and create a better future. Future Shaper helps readers to: * Embrace new digital technologies, understand AI and equip themselves for those not-yet-invented challenges * Gain insights from today's successful leaders * Make an impact and feel more in control using an easy-to-understand leadership framework

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