Joy of Caring, The - transforming difficulties into possibilities-9781789044928

Joy of Caring, The - transforming difficulties into possibilities

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The Joy of Caring explores how we can make our relationships a genuine flow from me to you and between us, releasing masks, guilt and defensive attitudes that separate and exhaust us. It proposes practices that enable us to develop as creative, autonomous and emotionally mature people. To strengthen us and help us live in a more constructive and sociable way. To stop crushing ourselves and let go of the inner dialogue which is desperate and useless. With her concise and pleasant style, Miriam Subirana looks at the wisdom of caring, ranging from the wise masters of antiquity to our times. Splashing the text with didactic examples, The Joy of Caring accompanies us in all kinds of care: mind, body, heart and spirit; emphasizing the importance of compassion and a contemplative attitude, so that we can enjoy the potential we harbor.

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