Shadows of the Past : A gripping saga of family secrets-9781788637954

Shadows of the Past : A gripping saga of family secrets

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A tragic death brings good fortune to an orphaned child - but at what cost?Liverpool, 1928. Fifteen-year-old Annie Anderson was adopted by Sylvia and Hugh after the death of their own daughter. Annie is told that her own mother in childbirth and her father died before she was born. A chance encounter introduces Annie to local lad Andrew Fraser. Their friendship blossoms, but once Annie's adoptive parents learn of it they forbid her from seeing him. When Annie asks why, it sets her on a path to discover more about her origins - but will what she learns bring heartache or joy?Don't miss this rich and vivid saga by one of Liverpool's best-known novelists, perfect for fans of Kitty Neale and Katie Flynn.

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