Attention! : The power of simple decisions in a distracted world-9781788601450

Attention! : The power of simple decisions in a distracted world

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***BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2021 SHORTLISTED TITLE***Attention! is a practical guide for reclaiming the power of our time and attention. In a world of endless distraction, we have given away two of our most valuable assets: time and attention. Technology has given us the incredible gift of access to an ever-increasing amount of information and has opened the door to a vast array of choices and opportunities. However, having more options doesn't correlate to an increase in our success. Research shows that having more to choose from causes anxiety and decreases our likelihood of taking action. We have become paralyzed and polarized, reacting instead of acting and ceding control of our decisions to a continuous onslaught of information, marketing, and interruption. We live in an age where we struggle to decide which information is real or fake. We find it challenging to make even the most straightforward decisions for our happiness and success in our lives and business. This book will help you reframe your relationship with the demands on your time, overcome decision fatigue, and understand the value of creating space. Rob Hatch sets out a powerful framework and flexible approach that gives you the space to focus your attention on what is important, the power to make decisions aligned with your goals, and the ability to take action with confidence.

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