Finntopia : What We Can Learn From the World's Happiest Country-9781788212151

Finntopia : What We Can Learn From the World's Happiest Country

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The 2020 World Happiness Report ranked Finland, for the third year running, as the world's happiest country. The "Nordic Model" has long been touted as the aspiration for social and public policy in Europe and North America, but what is it about Finland that makes the country so successful and seemingly such a great place to live?Is it simply the level of government spending on health, education and welfare? Is it that Finland has one of the lowest rates of social inequality and childhood poverty, and highest levels of literacy and education?Finland clearly has problems of its own - for example, a high level of gun ownership and high rates of suicide - which can make Finns sceptical of their ranking, but its consistently high performance across a range of well-being indicators does raise fascinating questions. In the quest for the best of all possible societies, Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen explore what we might learn from Finnish success.

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