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Mr Brown's Bad Day

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A terrifically funny tale about a tiger's very unlucky day!Mr Brown is a Very Important Tiger who works in a Very Important Office. He carries a Very Important Briefcase and does Very Important Things all day long. But when his Very Important Briefcase goes missing, Mr Brown's world is turned upside down. He goes on a VERY wild chase all over town, but will he ever get his briefcase back? And what about the Very Important Things inside?A wonderfully witty madcap adventure with inventive twists and turns, a series of unlucky events, a comic chase and a brilliant and reassuring surprise ending, perfect for bedtime. Illustrator Alison Friend fills every page with beautifully detailed artwork and lots of funny animal characters - children will love picking their favourites!With plenty of repeated patterns and phrases, little ones will love joining in with the storytelling, as well as watching poor Mr Brown transform from uptight businessman to untidy mess! At the end of the story, Mr Brown finally reveals himself to be a very sweet and relatable character . . . who loves his bedtime above all else!

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