Spot the Cock : A Search-and-Find Book-9781787835900

Spot the Cock : A Search-and-Find Book

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They seek them here, they seek them there... THESE COCKS ARE SIMPLY EVERYWHERE, but can you spot the cock?Only the most astute will find the one-eyed trouser snakes that have been fiendishly hidden in every scene of this humorous activity book for adults. It features a raft of cleverly designed and intricately detailed full-colour illustrations, each posing a new and formidable challenge as you hunt for the phallic graphic. The "cock" can be spotted across a veritable cornucopia of spreads, including these hilarious scenarios:Slooshing about among the beans and sausages in a full English breakfastNestled within the New York City skylineBattling to be found aboard a Viking warshipFinding itself launched into outer spaceCarefully concealed within a treasure mapHone your sleuthing skills with this wickedly funny and ever-so-slightly naughty puzzle book. Spot the Cock is the perfect gift for anyone who likes a cheeky chuckle.

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