Dog Mindfulness : A Pup's Guide to Living in the Moment-9781787832459

Dog Mindfulness : A Pup's Guide to Living in the Moment

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Repeat this mantra to yourself whenever you're feeling anxious: "I flow from a place of grace."Peace. Gratitude. Concentration. Stillness. Serenity. Composure. Focus. Whether they're honing their powers of concentration (have you ever seen anyone focus on something so intently as a mutt with a bone?), being in the moment (a snooze is so much more satisfying when you really appreciate the snooze), or taking time to explore their senses (all those bottoms aren't going to sniff themselves), dogs are paragons of mindfulness. So maybe they're not always quite as composed or graceful as they'd like, but at least they're trying - and we could all learn a lot from these enlightened pups.

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