Dialogues Around Models And Uncertainty: An Interdisciplinary Perspective-9781786347749

Dialogues Around Models And Uncertainty: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

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This book helps develop a better understanding of how researchers from different scientific backgrounds view models and uncertainty. It provides key steps in fostering and encouraging interdisciplinary research, which is vital in addressing several big issues that society faces today, such as climate change, longevity, financial and actuarial risk management. To make progress in these areas, researchers must develop an understanding of differing perspectives and methods of those working in other disciplines.This title presents the views and understandings of eminent people in their respective fields through interviews on the topic of modelling and uncertainty. Each expert was asked the same set of questions to help readers understand the similarities and differences existing between various disciplines. It also helps to bridge some of the gaps encountered by those carrying out inter- and multi-disciplinary research and suggests new approaches to modelling and uncertainty quantification.

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